Comparative of the best toolboxes in 2019


It is his tools that we recognize the handyman Our team thinks that it is also his way of using them, but we must admit that we still work much better when we are well equipped. That's why we suggest you to discover here our selection of the best toolboxes in 2019 , with the most complete, the best quality / price ratio and the cheapest of the satisfactory toolboxes that we had the opportunity to have Between hands

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++Meister 8971410: the best all-inclusive toolbox
The Meister toolbox is an ideal set, because very complete, to equip yourself seriously if you start in the DIY. Indeed, it has everything you need for home DIY, for mechanic tool set on cars or motorcycles, etc … Screwdrivers saw, the essential is there for DIY and you can soon, no longer be able to do without it.
Solid, the tools are of good quality and well designed to last. The case will be very practical to store your tools inside, protect and transport them.
In terms of storage, this case allows you to have your tools at your fingertips in a very orderly way.
It is an excellent value for money and a very good investment needed if you want to tackle some work in the house and improve his talents in DIY.

++Facom BST20PG: the highest quality without tools
Facom BS.T20PG box toolsIf you are a DIY professional and you move a lot, this toolbox, or rather tool bag is an ideal purchase to make.
Designed to be extremely strong, the fabric is thick, the seams are reliable, the pockets well thought out and practical and the handle is ergonomic: everything that makes up this kit will withstand time.
Spacious, the kit will allow you to carry weight: your tools, which weigh already heavy, but also the power tools like drill, sander, etc …
Even if your kit is heavy, its design has been thought that it does not make you bad at the level of the handle which is so well padded for even more comfort.
Practical, the latter is fixed with 2 carabiners and therefore easily detachable.
The many pockets are very practical for orderly storage, but especially in your own way, all your tools.
This is an excellent toolkit that our experts highly recommend.

++Intey 57 pieces: the low budget solution
cheap tool boxVery versatile and sold at a very attractive price, this tool case is perfect for beginners looking to equip themselves efficiently without investing too much money. I could have put it instead of the Catuo 100 pieces in my top 3, but it is a little less complete in my opinion. There is still a saw, a hammer, or a magnetic handle that accommodates both the screw bits that the sleeves for the bolts.

A large adjustable wrench will allow us to do some mechanics, and the pliers (cut and flat-nose) will be very often useful. A set of Allen keys is also part, and a cutter will allow us some cuts. In short, it's completely complete, ideal to have a little bit of everything at home and be able to react in case of a technical incident.

The case is solid, well thought out, it can be easily carried everywhere and tools remain perfectly in place inside. If you have a small budget, then you should be interested in this model that meets most of the recurring needs. Click here for our full review of this Intey 57-piece case.

A well optimized compact case


DIY enthusiasts of all kinds necessarily know Stanley, this brand has rather good reputation in the quality of entry-level tools. It starts with a thoughtful briefcase. Its dimensions of 45 cm long for 42 cm high and 12 cm thick are rather contained, but the weight of 9 kg already lets us imagine that the box is well filled. It's still 6 kg more than the Stanley ratchet and bits.

Outside, the plastic of the box is very rigid. It does not breathe the strength of a metal toolbox such as the Facom BT11PG , but it's still solid. In the middle of the box, a button that we turn allows us to open the box which is then in 3 parts. Nothing to say in terms of optimization, this Stanley STHT5-73795 is busy.

The molded plastic on the inside looks solid. Each tool finds its place and is well engaged. So we can carry the toolbox in his car without having the bad surprise after a few roads in bad condition, to find all the tools in bulk in the box. Everything stays in place inside.

Finally, each tool is tidy, and a small note engraved in the plastic tells us the size, diameter or type of accessory, to find what we need quickly and easily. It is undoubtedly a toolbox that will be very pleasant to use.

Mechanical oriented but versatile enough
This box is like a toolbox for mechanics, which is indeed the case. However, the variety of tools will give us the opportunity to do more than just troubleshoot a friend on the road, or pamper our vehicles.

There are therefore 3 ratchets of different size, with a socket adapter, and all the sockets needed to remove or tighten all bolts regardless of the diameter. There are deep sockets that will be very practical, especially in mechanics, to access some areas sometimes difficult to access, but also an extension bar.

Are also present, 2 sets of Allen keys, 8 mixed keys, and especially a magnetic screwdriver handle with 55 different screwdrivers. Some large tools are stored in the right pane, there are a pliers, a flat nose pliers, 4 screwdrivers, a cutter and a meter of 5 m. There is no hammer or bubble witness as in a Parker 399 tools , but it's still quite complete.

The quality of the tools
As often, Stanley does not disappoint. It's not upscale like the Facom R2NANO PG , but for the price it's really very satisfying. We will be able to tinker and force on tools without risk and this is the essential. The limited life compared to professional equipment, but we will be able to work regularly for a few years before the tools are no longer usable.

The ratchets and sockets are of excellent quality, nothing to say either on mixed keys or Allen keys. The big-end screwdrivers maybe reassure a little less, but it's still solid. Even the cutter and meter are close to professional products. Really, the price / quality ratio seems very good